The Complete Guide to Business Valuation when Buying or Selling a Private Business


Reasons and Examples of why this is so.           

 Reason #1 – Business Valuations Do NOT Address the Amount of Cash you will Receive at the Closing Table 

Reason #2 –  Different Buyers Pay Different Price

  • Only VALUware 7.0 Identifies and Describes the Four Groups of Business Buyers Active in Today’s Marketplace
  • Only VALUware 7.0 Automatically Calculates the Valuation Methods  Appropriate to Each Group
  • Only with VALUware 7.0 can you Determine the Best Type of Buyer and  Calculate the Right Price for any Business

Reason #3 – Different Types of Businesses are Worth Different Prices

  • Only VALUware 7.0 Identifies and Describes the Four Major Groups of Businesses and Produces the Terms and Pricing Protocol Appropriate to Each Group

Reason #4 – Financing Impacts Value and Price

  • Only VALUware 7.0 Calculates the impact financing or the lack thereof has on Price and Terms

  • Only VALUware 7.0 Generates:
    1)  Probable Price and Terms based upon Comparable Sales
    2)  CASH ONLY Price for the Business

Reason #5 –   

  •  Only VALUware 7.0 Produces Dependable and Defendable Results based upon  Realities of the Marketplace and  Experience Gained Transacting more than 2,000 Business Sales

Do Not Waste your Money on a  Valuation Program that Doesn’t Address the Valuation and Pricing Dynamics in play when Buying or Selling a Smaller Private Business

VALUware 7.0 is Unique and is more than just a business valuation program.  

Only VALUware 7.0:

  • VALUware has its origins in the field and was developed and refined through use by intermediaries and business brokers over a twenty year period.  The methods employed are those used by today’s business buyers and not formulas found in a text book or the favorite methods of an author.

  • Only VALUware 7.0 is based upon experience gained from the actual sale of more than 2,000 businesses and is grounded in experience instead of theory.

  • Takes into consideration the reality that different types of buyers will pay different prices.
    Every other program on the market lumps all buyers into the same mold and fail to reflect the reality that different buyers pay different prices. .

  • Outlines the prices the different buyers in today’s market can be predicted to pay.  A business may be deemed worthless by one yet be worth millions to another.  The VALUware package illustrates why this is so.  

  • Profiles the best buyer for the business and the price and terms the best buyer should pay.  This is feature is important to both buyer and seller.  

  • Shows how to increase the value of your business or the business you acquire, without declaring increased profits or book value

  • Illustrates how the availability of financing, or lack thereof, plus financing terms all impact value. Calculates the cash price of the business when financing is limited or restricted

  • Illustrates how factors other than dollars affect price.  

  • Comes with a companion book that illustrates how motivations, perspectives and expectations, of the four categories of buyers in today’s marketplace, combine to impact the perceived value of any business and why different buyers pay different prices. 

  • Provides the ability to customize the work to your unique business.  This feature is especially appreciated by business brokers/intermediaries and financial professionals who wish to customize their reports or address special situations.

  • The program’s output is easy to read and understand.  After reading the report you will know why the value is what it is and, most importantly how to increase the value.

VALUware 7.0 can also be used:

  • To Create Value by grooming your company to be purchased by “the best buyer.”  For example: One company determined its value to be approximately 1 million dollars but, based on the information gathered from “The Complete Guide to Business Valuation when Buying or Selling a Private Company” and VALUware 7.0, determined the company could be worth as much as 5 million if certain conditions were addressed so as to be attractive to a different group of buyers..  The conditions were addressed and although the income statement and balance sheet remained essentially the same, the company sold for 5 million in CASH two years later to the type buyer identified earlier. WOW! An increase in value of $4 Million Dollars without any increase in earnings!

  • Wealth Creation through Acquisitions  VALUware 7.0 and the book “The Complete Guide to Business Valuation when Buying or Selling a Private Company” provide the how and why as to why prices or “multiples” vary from one company to another.  Learn how to buy for a low multiple of earnings, say 3, and instantly make those earnings worth a multiple of 5 or an increase in the multiple of 2.  If the earnings of the acquired company in this example were $500,000 then 2X this number equals $1 Million Dollar overnight increase in wealth!!  

  • To Provide a Periodic Financial Check-up – Simply enter your latest financial data and instantly you have a comparison of key ratios with former periods to see how you are doing.  Check on the improvement in Value of the company. Your accountant would have to charge you many times the cost of the program just for this report.

  • As a Succession or Business Continuation Planning Tool.  Remember VALUware 7.0 generates a Profile of your Ideal Buyer or Successor and provides a Transaction Structuring Tool so a “Win Win” Price and Terms can be developed quickly

Don’t let the ease of use fool you.  This is very powerful software and an exceptional tool that is highly valued and used by MBAs, CPAs and other financial professionals all over the world. With our software you’ll be able to present your business in a most professional way, which by itself, can raise the value of your business and the price you can get for it.   

“Have read many professional books on Mergers and Acquisitions –
none have helped us as much as yours. It’s a real honest book –
gave us the insights we needed to successfully acquirer smaller companies.”

George M. – Business Development Officer, Fortune 100 Company

Who should buy VALUware 7.0 Business Valuation Software?

  • Individuals purchasing a business
  • Business owners
  • Accountants and CPAs
  • Attorneys serving private companies
  • Business Brokers and Intermediaries
  • Financial planners
  • Business advisors

The previously unwritten rules for Valuing, Buying or Selling  a Private Business at the Right Price.

Determine the right price for any private or family businesses.
Case studies illustrate why different buyers pay different prices and why size and organizational structure matter when determining business value. Explains why individual motivations and perspectives may be more important than “the numbers” when making value and buy/sell decisions. This is the only resource of its kind. Based on marketplace experience, not theory. 

“Unique, insightful, no nonsense approach —
A must reading before even considering selling (buying) a business”
                                                                                    S. Meehan, CPA

Insider Information

  • Costly traps to avoid when buying or selling all, or part of any business
  • Ten major reasons why buying or a selling a business is different than buying or selling anything else you can imagine – How applying this information puts you in control
  • How to identify buyers willing to pay premium prices – How to identify a business that is a Real Bargain
  • Non-financial elements that increase or decrease a business’s value
  • Buy or sell any business at the right price and terms
  • Why financial information is generally of secondary importance when determining business value
  • Discover negotiating strategies that produce win-win transactions
  • Determine the optimum time to buy or sell any business
  • Understand the impact transaction structure has upon value and how to minimize risk

 Just thought I’d let you know how much I enjoyed your book.
Did not put it down until I finished it.”
                                                                     R. Ferris, MBA

Do you already know how to:

  • Determine the difference between a price where you demand All Cash and a price where you Offer Terms? Gain an understanding of which would be better for you.
  • Structure a sale so the business will stay sold?
  • How to determine the optimum time to sell your firm or buy another?
  • Understand the impact future actions and decisions will have upon the value as well as the profitability of your business?
  • Understand the impact deal structure has upon value and how to minimize risk while maximizing value?
  • Develop comprehensive ratio and financial analysis, complete with explanations of applications and meaning?
  • Produce a Business Checkup for which your accountant would have to charge many times the cost of this package?
  • Compare your operation and profitability with others from within your industry?
  • Use your financial statements to identify areas of opportunity to increase value and improve profits?
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the elements of your financial statements and how they are interpreted by bankers?

If you answered NO to ANY one of the above questions, you probably need this package!

Don’t pay too much! Don’t accept to little! The book “The Complete Guide to Business Valuation when Buying or Selling a Private Company”  describes the various categories of buyers and businesses, and the software, VALUware 7.0, performs the calculations appropriate to each .

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