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Scores of books have been written on making small businesses more profitable but, until now, essentially none on How to Make a Private Business MORE VALUABLE. This book and software combo Reveals the Secrets to Selling a Business for Big Money.  Clue:  It’s not necessarily how much money the business is making.  

Why do most business owners fail to realize any significant value from their business?  Lack of planning – no exit strategy or lack of an exit strategy that takes into account the unique rules to the game of building value and then selling and obtaining maximum value from a private company. The biggest reason of all we believe is not knowing the rules of the game.  You can play without knowing the rules but can you win?  

Our Wealth Building Exit Strategies Book and Software combination demystifies the unwritten rules and dynamics and allows you to be in total control of your company’s value as you build value and prepare to exit. Written in “shirt sleeve” English to be understood by the non financial entrepreneur and financial professionals alike.  

The  information we provide is not a scholarly dissertation based upon theory but rather “Real World Marketplace Intelligence” based upon the lessons learned and the experience gained selling more than two thousand businesses.

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