The Complete Guide to Business Valuations of Small Businesses – Book Download


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“A business may be deemed worthless by one yet be worth millions to another!”  

Find out why with  your very own copy of “The Complete Guide to Business Valuation when Buying or Selling a Private Company”  and the companion Business Valuation, Successor Identification and Transaction Structuring software.

The Book:

The previously unwritten rules for Valuing, Buiying or Selling a Private Business at the Right Price.  Determine the right price for any private or family businesses (with sales between $100,000 and $5,000,000). Case studies illustrate why different buyers pay different prices and why size and organizational structure matter when determining business value. Explains why individual motivations and perspectives may be more important than “the numbers” when making value and buy/sell decisions. This is the only resource of its kind. Based on marketplace experience, not theory.

Insider Information

  • Costly traps to avoid when buying or selling all, or part of any business
  • Ten major reasons why buying or a selling a business is different than buying or selling anything else you can imagine – How applying this information puts you in control
  • How to identify buyers willing to pay premium prices – How to identify a business that is a Real Bargain
  • Non-financial elements that increase or decrease a business’s value
  • Buy or sell any business at the right price and terms
  • Why financial information is generally of secondary importance when determining business value
  • Discover negotiating strategies that produce win-win transactions
  • Determine the optimum time to buy or sell any business
  • Understand the impact transaction structure has upon value and how to minimize riskDon’t pay too much! Don’t accept to little!

The book “The Complete Guide to Business Valuation when Buying or Selling a Private Company”  describes the various categories of buyers and businesses, and the software, VALUware 7.0, performs the calculations appropriate to each .


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