Download the Book – How to Determine the Real Earnings of any Private Company (Using IRS Audit Methods)


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What’s in this book?

Owner’s of Private Companies and their accountants work diligently to minimize declared income on their tax returns in order to avoid taxes.  Determining the real earnings for a Private Company is therefore sometimes difficult, especially if it is a Cash business.  This book will lead you through the process of determining a company’s real earnings using the same methods the Internal Revenue Service uses.

  •   How to determine the real profitability of an ALL CASH Business using IRS audit methods

  •   An example of actual IRS Audit Instructions for a “Cash Business”

  •   Compare your Target business operating results with those of its industry to reveal or confirm opportunities for improvement

  •   How and why Public company accounting practices differ from those of Private businesses – How to avoid costly mistakes that are made by those who do not realize the differences  

  •   Why financial professionals find it difficult and frustrating to analyze the financials of companies with less than 5 million in sales

  •   Ratio analysis – What the various ratios mean and reveal about a company.  How to use the Ratios to confirm and expose opportunities for improvement

  •   How the IRS uses Ratio Analysis to determine un-reported income

  •   Convert “Accounting Jargon” in to plain English that a non-financial entrepreneur can understand

  •   A Comprehensive Data Gathering worksheet is included – Compile data needed to demystify much of the financial data.  Without this information much of the financial position of the company and, the opportunity the company represents, will remain a mystery

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