Become the Best Business Broker in Town

The powerful tools you need to assist you in:

  • selling more of your listings,
  • sell larger businesses,
  • enhance your professionalism,
  • make more money and have more fun doing it.
  • upgrading your practice

The innocent question that led to our developing the “Business Buying/Selling System” occurred while my wife and I were driving home from a party.  At the party people asked what I did for a living and when I explained that I sold businesses and after answering the usual questions, “What’s the best business to buy” etc. I still had an audience so I continued to brag a bit.

I explained that business owners and real estate brokers were successful selling less than 1 of 20 businesses or 5%.  I continued: “The typical Business Broker is successful selling an average of 1 of 6 to 7 businesses but my office sells 1 of 4.”

As we drove home my wife asked: “Is it true you sell 1 of 4 businesses?”  I proudly replied, “Yes dear – yes indeed.”  Oh! she said.   What happens to the other 75%?  It isn’t easy being married to an intelligent woman.

That was the start of our journey to find a better way.  The answer was found by what engineers call reverse engineering.  We, my staff and twenty business brokers, basically only did what worked and eliminated all the “That’s how we’ve (business brokers) always done it” that didn’t.

In a bit over a year we were selling 9+ of 10 or essentially all of our “listings.”  We want you to experience the same level of success and professionalism. Oh yes, and make more money too.

The “System” is explained, demonstrated and outlined in six books, one document package and five software packages. Together they represent the only instructional package of its kind.

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