Special Tools for Advisors to Small Business Owners

Companies with earnings (EBITDA) less than One Million Dollars

It has been our experience, selling  more than 2,000 businesses and being involved in thousands more negotiations that ended in “No Sale”, that many advisors to small business owners are unaware of the unique environment, dynamics and rules involved when buying, Selling and Valuing small businesses.

#1 – Wealth Building Exit Strategies

This unique book and software combo provides straight forward immediate, short and long term strategies and tips that can add Thousands if not Millions to your business client’s wealth through the increased value of their business.

Our Wealth Building Exit Strategies Book and Software combination demystifies the unwritten rules and dynamics and allows you to guide your client in building wealth while preparing to exit their business. The  information we provide is not a scholarly dissertation based upon theory but rather “Real World Marketplace Intelligence” based upon the lessons learned and the experience gained selling more than two thousand businesses.

Sad but True
Studies reveal the unsettling reality that a the majority (perhaps 75%) of all private businesses loose a dramatic amount of value in the few years prior to attempting a sale.  The overwhelming majority of once valuable businesses loose so much value that they end up being “Sold” for Liquidation Value of the Business’s Assets only.  You can help prevent this sad ending from occurring with your business clients.

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#2 – Small Business Valuation Book & Software


The Book:
The previously unwritten rules for Valuing, Buiying or Selling a Private Business at the Right Price.  Determine the right price for any private or family businesses (with sales between $100,000 and $5,000,000). Case studies illustrate why different buyers pay different prices and why size and organizational structure matter when determining business value. Explains why individual motivations and perspectives may be more important than “the numbers” when making value and buy/sell decisions. This is the only resource of its kind. Based on marketplace experience, not theory.

Insider Information

  • Costly traps to avoid when buying or selling all, or part of any business
  • Ten major reasons why buying or a selling a business is different than buying or selling anything else you can imagine – How applying this information puts you in control
  • How to identify buyers willing to pay premium prices – How to identify a business that is a Real Bargain
  • Non-financial elements that increase or decrease a business’s value
  • Buy or sell any business at the right price and terms
  • Why financial information is generally of secondary importance when determining business value
  • Discover negotiating strategies that produce win-win transactions
  • Determine the optimum time to buy or sell any business
  • Understand the impact transaction structure has upon value and how to minimize riskDon’t pay too much! Don’t accept to little!

The book “The Complete Guide to Business Valuation when Buying or Selling a Private Company”  describes the various categories of buyers and businesses, and the software, VALUware 7.0, performs the calculations appropriate to each .

Software perfect for determining not only the price but also the probable terms of sale.  In addition, VALUware assists in Successor or Buyer identification, Transaction Structuring, and both the Fair Cash Value (FCV) and the Fair Market Value (FMV) of the company.

The Only Business Valuation Software that is appropriate for use when buying or selling a smaller private business (EBITDA <1 Million dollars)

The FMV of a small business is defined as the “value under terms usual in the marketplace.”  The usual terms of sale of small businesses with “goodwill value” (value greater than the company’s assets) involve a component of seller financing.

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#3 – Deal Maker.docs

All the documents needed to Buy, Sell or Merge a Private company are on this easy to use softwareFind the “just right” document, contingency or special wording quickly and easily

   * Save time and money
   * Use documents tested in thousands of negotiations world-wide
   * Separate documentation for  large, small and mid-size companies

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