Special Tools for Advisors to Small Business Owners

Revenues typically less than One Million Dollars

It has been our experience, selling  more than 2,000 businesses and being involved in thousands more negotiations that ended in “No Sale”, that many advisors to small business owners are unaware of the unique environment, dynamics and rules involved when buying, Selling and Valuing small businesses.

We have developed a family of resources to assist Business Advisors in becoming more effective.

Deal Maker.docs 

All the documents needed to Buy, Sell or Merge a Private company are on this easy to use softwareFind the “just right” document, contingency or special wording quickly and easily

   * Save time and money
   * Use documents tested in thousands of negotiations world-wide
   * Separate documentation for  large, small and mid-size companies
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VALUware – Business Valuation

Business Valuation Software When  Buying or Selling Private Companies Successor Identification, Business Valuation and Transaction Structuring software

The Only Business Valuation Software that is appropriate for use when buying or selling a smaller private business (EBITDA <1 Million dollars)

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