Instantly Downloadable Products Proven to Dramatically Improve Your Chances of Success Buying or Selling a Small Business

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It took a talented team of twenty+/- associates and twenty years and the sale of more than 2,000 small businesses to unravel the mysterious environment of conflicting expectations and unique rules that surround buying, selling and valuing smaller private business;

Our team consisted of very talented people;

  • Wall Street Investment Banker who was VP in charge of Mergers and Acquisitions of Private companies,
  • Trainer of Business Brokers for a major Business Brokerage franchise
  • Fortune 100 CFO
  • MBAs, CPAs, former business owners, college professor, karate instructor, teachers and more.

We learned a lot from each other and from our mutual experiences and, over a period of time were able to dramatically improve our effectiveness in helping people buy, sell or enhance the value of a business.  We want to share this valuable information with you.

Our Business Buying/Selling System results compared with Industry norms:

Business Owners

We were able to sell 90%+ or essentially all of our client’s businesses  (Brokerage standard between 1 in 5 to 1 of 7, Business owners by themselves and Real Estate Brokers, 1 in 20+). Our materials provide a road map to selling your business for the most money, to the right buyer, before anyone ever realizes it ever was for sale! For more information

Business Buyers 

My top producers were able to place 1 of every 2 opportunity seeker into their ideal business (Industry standard 1 in 20+). The key first step, learn how to identify the business that is perfect for you. We share this little known process with you. Then, how to buy your perfect business at a fair price even if it’s not for sale. For more information

Business Brokers

You can become the Best Business Broker in Town and; sell essentially all of your listings, upgrade your practice, sell larger businesses, enhance your professionalism, make more money and have more fun doing it. For more information

Financial Planners

Guide your clients to dramatically increase the value of their business in preparation for a sale using our Wealth Building Exit Strategies. Believe it or not, it is possible to double the value of a business without increasing profits! Our information will show you how. For more information

Transactional Business Valuations

CPAs, Accountants, Attorneys and others who perform valuations for their business owner clients who are selling their company need to understand the differences between the Public company valuation methods and the methods and rational employed when valuing companies with earning under two million dollars.
The biggest mistake financial professionals make is assuming small and midsize businesses, like essentially everything else, are sold for cash!
Companies with values in excess of their asset value will find lenders do not consider “Goodwill” as collateral. The result is most profitable company sales will involve a component of seller financing. You will want to provide your client with the “Fair Cash Value” as well as the “Fair Market Value” (Value with Seller financing) that would include an outline of the probable terms of a sale. For more information

Our products will dramatically improve your chances of Success when Buying or Selling a Business