Business Valuation Assistance 

CPAs, Intermediaries, Business Brokers and other professionals


This service is offered nationally by Lighthouse Financial, LLC. from their offices in Massachusetts. Very few professionals can match the extensive marketplace experience Lighthouse Financial brings to valuations of small and mid-size companies (firms with revenues ranging from $100,000 to $32,000,000).  Because of this experience CPAs, MBAs, Attorneys, Business Brokers and other professional advisors are teaming with Lighthouse Financial to provide first rate Business Valuations for their clients.  Third party business valuations add credibility and prevent conflict of interests and ethics issues from arising.

How it works:
Although you are fully qualified in your area of expertise, you realize your client's needs will be best served by an expert in the valuation of small to mid-size businesses.  You suggest the client engage Lighthouse Financial to assist you in the valuation of their business.  

You and/or the Company complete a multi page "Business Profile," gather the company's financial data and forward all to Lighthouse Financial.  In certain complex assignments, a visit by Lighthouse Financial to the business may be required.  

A completed report of 45 to 50 pages will be completed within 14 days of receiving required data.  The Valuation is extensively documented and uses only methods today's buyers can be predicted to employ.  The results are supported by their proprietary data base of transaction data, plus transaction experience.  The client receives a defendable and realistic Business Valuation rather than scholarly and academic treatise.

Business Valuations are required for a variety of purposes:

  • Buy/sell agreements

  • Partnership disputes/lock-outs

  • Divorce settlement

  • Financial /retirement planning

  • Bankruptcy and business reorganization

  • Mergers and acquisitions

  • ESOP  (Employee Stock Ownership Plans)

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