Why trade links?:

Everyone is fired up about search engines and they should be. Search engines bring lots of visitors. Of course you have to kill yourself with the proper promotional efforts to even get anywhere close to the top 20 positions. And then next week you could disappear altogether. But the latest study has shown that the majority of people find sites by clicking on links from other sites. Click here for instructions on linking to all of my sites. Getting LINKED is a much more reliable way to ensure steady traffic to your site. Also consider the following:

  • To some search engines, the more links coming "into" and going "out of" your site make your site appear more valuable when someone is searching for your product or service. This puts you higher in their results list.

  • You and I may have complimentary, yet non-competitive products and services. We help our clients easily find what they need while we help ourselves.

  • Even if you don't get more traffic from a site that you're trading with, you still get the benefit of the "link popularity" with the search engines and that's the most important part.

  • The synergy effect will get us all more visitors than we would have gotten individually. Think of our sites all linked together as one giant bulls eye. . . which is much easier to hit than many tiny ones.

  • I believe in competition.. . . I believe more in cooperation. Do you?

Even if no one ever clicks on your link on my site it is still very valuable for you to be there.  Why? Because of search engine link popularity. The search engines see the link and rate your site higher. That's why you and I should link all our sites together.

Click here for instructions on linking to all of my sites.