Most Common Mistakes
to Avoid when
Selling a Company

By: Theodore P. Burbank, FCBI

  • Inadequate Preparation

  • Negotiating with the Wrong Buyers

  • Failing to Identify Best Buyer

  • Inability to Defend Value

  • Failing to Understand Buyer's Motivation's

  • Structuring Deal Incorrectly

  • Failing to Obtain Full Value

  • Waiting too Long or Selling too Soon

Proper Professional Planning and
Preparation Produces Premium Prices

Mr. Burbank is President of Lighthouse Financial, LLC and since 1979 he and his associates have  consulted with and provided valuation, marketing and sales assistance to more than 2,000 family and private business owners.  He is the author of "In & Out of Business . . . Happily" - "Buying a Business Made Easier" - "VALUware 6.0" Business Valuation Software - "DealMaker 4.0" Business Acquisition Software - "DealMaker docs" Transaction Documentation Software all published by Parker-Nelson Publishing.  In addition he is a contributing author to "Merger and Acquisition Handbook for Small and Mid-Size Businesses" and "Business Valuation Handbook" both published by John Wiley and Sons  and has written many articles on business sales and valuations. He has conducted seminars and addressed many trade associations in the US, Canada and abroad.  Ted is available for private consultation, valuation and acquisition assignments.  He may be reached by telephone: 508 794-1200 or by email:

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