Help You Sell -
Preparation and
Mentor/Coaching Program


Under this program the all important foundational Steps One and Two are performed by Lighthouse Financial from their offices in Massachusetts and Step Three, the actual selling of the business, is conducted by the business owner with or without an experienced Lighthouse Financial dealmaker as back-up.  

This is an excellent option for the business owner who:

  •  Already has a buyer and want to assure the business is sold at optimum value, smoothly and quietly.  

  • Wants to know what the business is really worth and what can be done to increase value before deciding to sell the business 

How the program began:
One of the country’s largest franchise companies became aware of our multi step process and were impressed with the premium prices our 3 Step Process had obtained for more than thirty of their franchisees in New England. They asked if we could provide this deliberate service, starting with our "Buyer Identification and Summary of Values" Report and Advisory Service, nationally to their 2,500 franchisees? Yes we could and we developed a program to service their network.   Now you can take advantage of this unique program  as have hundreds of business owners from coast to coast and most points in between.  

Business owners need realistic information upon which to make important decisions regarding the possible sale of their businesses and they should be able to obtain it without having to sign a Listing Agreement.  

An Overview of the Process  

Step One -- Exploration and advisory phase:

Documents are exchanged electronically and by mail, a comprehensive questionnaire is provided followed by an extensive telephone interview.  A visit to the business may be in order subject to the complexity or uniqueness of the situation.                     

We produce our "Buyer Identification and Summary of Values" Report  and present to the business owner and/or advisors  generally within 14 days of receiving complete information. The report includes the following: 

  • Profile of ideal acquirer (Minimizes marketplace exposure, helps to maintain confidentiality and maximize value)

  • Comprehensive financial and operational review (3 to 5 years of data)

  • Identify areas of opportunity for increased business value and/or profits

  • Determine the amount of third party financing available for a transaction

  • Determine optimum value of company and probable transaction structure

  • Identify action items to enhance Company 's value and salability

  • Ratify opportunities and value using third party resources

  • Develop a strategy and plan to obtain maximum value and minimize risk and taxes

  • Ratify timeliness of going to market          

Results are generally reviewed via telephone with business owner or, a face to face meeting with owner(s) and Company advisors if situation warrants.  

Upon completion of Step One you may elect to:

  • Sell the business on your own with or without selling documents prepared by us

  • Sell the business yourself with us as your coach and mentor

  • Engage us to sell your business.  We will partner with the most qualified broker/intermediary in your market to complete the transaction. 

  • Postpone sale in order to enhance Company value and sell at a later time

  • Choose an option other than selling

Should it be decided to sell the Company, we enter Step Two or, preparation for the actual marketing and selling stage.

Sound reasons to develop a Step One "Buyer Identification and Summary of Values" Report:


  • When you already have a buyer for your business - Ratify the appropriateness of the buyer before divulging sensitive business information. Determine the optimum price for your business. Understand what and how much information to reveal before you have an offer

  • To prepare your company for sale - Obtain the “Insider Information” on how to maximize the value of your business

  • When you have decided to sell your business - Identify the type of buyer willing to pay premium prices for your business - employ tactics designed to attract the best buyer, maximize value and maintain confidentiality

  • Need to Establish Value for: buy/sell agreements, partnership disputes, estate or divorce settlements, insurance or tax purposes

  • Other considerations: -- Take your company Public, Install an ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan), Private Placement, Refinance existing debt, Obtain new financing

Step Two -- Final preparation for actual marketing and selling of the business
What we do and develop before selling or assisting in the sale of the company: 

  • Lending Sources and Amounts Confirmed -- The level of Acquisition Funding and the profile or qualifications the buyer must posses are confirmed.  The lender's qualification criteria are an important element in the profile of your ideal buyer and must be established and ratified before exposing your business in the marketplace.

  • Marketing Package or Prospectus -- Custom designed and written for the specific category or type of buyer identified in our earlier works.  A well written prospectus, positioning your firm as an exciting opportunity, dramatically increases your company's value and prevents it from becoming over-exposed in the marketplace.  

  • "Due Diligence" Documentation Compiled -- It is imperative that everything your buyer and your buyer's advisors will want to review is prepared and ready before beginning the sale process.  Experience has taught us that your first buyer is very often the best buyer.  We do not want to loose that buyer because "buyer remorse" sets in while waiting for required documentation/information.

  • Multi Stage Marketing Plan is developed to attract only those candidates who can be predicted to recognize the company's optimum value.

Step Three --  Sell the business at the optimum price to the most appropriate buyer so that the business "Stays Sold"

Next step is to select the right buyer(s) for your business from the thousands of buyers in our database and, if  your buyer is not there, begin the marketing campaign.  The key elements of the sale process are outlined below.

Confidentiality -- Utmost confidentiality must be maintained throughout the process. Release of company information must be managed in a controlled manner.  You should know everything of importance about your buyers before they know your company is for sale.
Obtain the Best Offer -- We understand the best offer is not necessarily the highest price. It's not what you get that counts, it's what you get to keep!  
Negotiate -- In the emotionally charged atmosphere that surrounds every business transfer, our team will  maintain proper perspective and the forward motion required to consummate the transaction.
Problem Solving -- Most problems are prevented with proper preparation.  When problems do arise, our experience allows us to suggest resolutions to get everyone back on track, preventing costly delays or a lost sale.
Closing Procedures -- Our leadership throughout the process insures that events occur in the proper sequence so as to affect a smooth and timely transfer of the business.

Some of our successes:

  • A company with a book value of $126,000 and pre-tax earnings of $26,000 sold for $1,350,000

  • One family was able to increase the cash value of their company by $4,000,000 without increasing earnings or book value

  • A business that had always lost money and had only $50,000 in assets sold for $495,000 in cash

Our service is unique in that it is based upon
experience gained in more than 2,000 transactions

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