Self Assesment and
Business Identification Worksheet

Our Network uses a workbook such as this prior to launching a Business Search for Individual Buy-Side clients.  They have found that fitting a business to a person's skills, interests, aptitude and resources the most effective method to identify the "right business" for their clients (Major corporations employ this same thinking and approach on a corporate level when identifying criteria for ideal acquisition candidates). 

The "right business" will be recognized when the opportunity the business represents matches your skills, life-style needs etc.  In other words, "All the right things will be wrong!"  There are no perfect businesses so you might as well acquire one that needs you and your skills to take it to the next level.

You may want to complete this Profile in order to catalog your skills etc. to assist you in your quest for that "ideal business" -- perhaps a business that you may not  have previously considered.  The profile may support ideas you now have or perhaps suggest other possibilities.  Most people tell us that filling out this survey is helpful and fun.  Take your time, don't rush.  You will gain more by approaching this task thoroughly.   

Good luck and Happy Hunting.

Background Information:
Education:  College(s)  


Business experience: (Check all that apply)
Sales Manufacturing Accounting Retail Engineering Finance Service   Marketing

  Distribution Operations  Other

Industries experienced

Positions held

Do you own any businesses presently? Yes    No 

If yes, what type(s) of business(es)? 

Approximate total annual revenues(s):

Is this your first acquisition for your own portfolio? Yes No

Are you interested in acquiring less than 100% ownership? Yes No

Will you be an: Active Manager Passive Investor

How long have you been seeking an acquisition?

How soon is acquisition desired?

Are you the sole buyer/investor?   If no, how many others?

Willing to Relocate?  Yes No

Criteria: Size of Business Envisioned:

Revenue Range:         $ to

Transaction Value:     $ to

Minimum Pre-Tax:     $

Minimum Cash Flow: $

Please provide any additional comments related to your acquisition needs or strategy that would give added insight in selecting acquisition candidates for your consideration including hobbies and special interest.




Specific Skills/Knowledge

We all have more skill, knowledge and comfort in some areas as compared to others.  Listed below are specific areas where you can rate your level of skill and comfort on a scale of 1 - 10 (10 being the highest level of skill, knowledge or comfort).

Accounting  Finance Taxes Selling Marketing Sales Management

Managerial Motivational Ability Analytical Verbal Writing  

Mechanical Design Computer Operation Computer Programming

Systems/Controls Concepts Manual Dexterity Public Relations Teaching

Artistic Scientific Clerical  Math Music Friendliness  

Office Skills Public Speaking  Supervise Others Work w Children  

Fix Things  Influence Others Record Keeping Planning  


Occupations and Business Daydreams
List below the businesses and careers you have daydreamed about as well as those you have discussed with others.  Put your first choice first and work backwards to other jobs or businesses you have considered.




Lifestyle and Financial Requirements:

Time distance of business from home 

Number of days per week you are willing to work 

Earliest starting time desired _____ Latest quitting time ______

Minimum amount of compensation (start) required  $ ___________ per month

Is the ability for family members to participate important  Yes No

Prefer work environment to be inside , outside , both or doesn't matter

Prefer business to address hobbies or special interests Yes No

Aversion to specific products, services or industries.  If yes explain



The size of the business that would be right for you should be in balance with the amount of equity you would be comfortable investing.  The capital available for Down Payment:  

                            Cash ___________                         Equity in Real Estate ___________  

                            Marketable Securities Family, friends, etc.

Total Available for Down Payment $

Preferred price of business from to

Preferred initial investment from to

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