Business Acquisition/
Search Program

Many business owner's who wish to grow their company via acquisition of others find they do not have the time nor expertise to devote to the process. In addition they cannot or do not want to afford an in house Merger & Acquisition department.  To solve this problem many companies are turning to us and our Network to function as their M&A department  and to take advantage of the experience we have gained in affecting over 2,000 transactions.

Finding a good business can be a difficult undertaking.  Most people take a reactive approach to finding a business to buy. Much time and effort is spent searching the Internet, contacting Business Brokers, Bankers, Accountants and other centers of influence to generate a "Deal Flow"    It is not unusual to spend a year or more in full time search, often without success.

One serious limitation to this reactive approach is that often a purchase is made because it could be made, not because it should have.  Acquisitions should occur as part of a strategic plan, not just because a particular business can be acquired.  

We take a proactive approach and only acquires businesses according to a strategic plan. Using this process we deal primarily with business owners whose companies are not listed for sale with Business Brokers and Intermediaries etc.  Most high quality opportunities never make it to the market place because someone (usually an “insider”) comes along and scoffs them up.  That someone may as well be you.

An overview of the program:

Phase One
Define - Long and short term objectives, desired personal, strategic or operational goals, profile of ideal business and financial "fit."
Identify - Industry and Companies that meet designated objectives.
Develop - Financial and operational screening process for evaluating target companies efficiently.
Screen- To develop list of companies that meet the specific criteria previously determined.

Phase Two
Contact by mail and telephone those businesses meeting your criteria.
Visit 30 to 40 Companies that indicate a willingness to consider selling
Evaluate companies to determine those that  best match your criteria
Negotiate price and terms with  top candidates
Present you with 1 to 3 Companies you can buy with price and terms  meeting your criteria

Phase Three
Choose one or all of the three companies to purchase
Perform necessary "Due Diligence"
Arrange financing

Phase Four
Coordinate acquisition team's closing efforts, final negotiations, document preparation and reviews
Transfer of business

With our proactive program you can usually acquire a synergistic business within 120 days!   

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